Big Adventure: Day 23

The final day of our big adventure… twisting through the Ozarks of northern Arkansas to our new home.

Confession time: I deliberately pulled a little obfuscation on my Saturday evening post (hey, wasn’t that a magazine one time?), because we realized we would be getting to our new home on Sunday rather than Monday as originally planned. We wanted to surprise the folks so I didn’t let on how close we were getting. So, we actually spent Saturday night in Ash Flat, Arkansas rather than Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Day 22 Addendum: Saturday, September 3
  • Departure: Dyersburg, Tennessee
  • Destination: Ash Flat, Arkansas
  • Miles: 154 (Total for the trip: 3,832)
Day 23: Sunday, September 4
  • Departure: Ash Flat, Arkansas
  • Destination: Mulberry, Arkansas
  • Miles: 215 (Total for the trip: 4047)
  • Weather: Overcast in the morning. Sunny in afternoon. Pleasant temps.
  • Domino’s Pizza stores spotted: 1 (Total for the trip: 16)

Our Sunday drive was pretty unremarkable, other than the beautiful Ozark scenery.

We stopped at the Arkansas Welcome Center in Harrison. (We did end up going through there after all. I didn’t think we would. It was during church time so we didn’t figure it would be a good time to meet up with one of my blog readers who invited us to stop, but it’s not that far, so we should be able to make it happen soon.)

The Welcome Center had plenty of tourist information. The attendants were super helpful and loaded us up with an armful of brochures and booklets listing things to see and do all over the state.

We stopped at an overlook about 30 miles from our new home to appreciate the beautiful rolling hills, which they call mountains in these parts.

Our Big Adventure for the summer of 2021 is over. I am planning to compile some videos to tie in with my adventure posts soon. I’ll let you know when those are ready.

As we get settled, we’ll be taking time to explore the area, and I know the adventure will continue. After all…

Life is an adventure!

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  • Janet McMurrin

    Maybe we met you on the road yesterday morning? We went from Harrison to a little place called Myrtle, MO for campmeeting yesterday morning. We came through Mountain Home, Salem, and Mammoth Springs on our way. Hope to get to meet you someday soon!

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