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    12 Books for the 4th of July

    The 4th of July isn't--thank goodness!--a holiday for gifts or passing out candy like so many have evolved into. It's a midsummer day off that, for us, usually involves family, friends, and doing something outdoors. The perfect opportunity to think about and appreciate our freedoms as Americans. With that in mind, I wanted to share a round-up of a dozen…

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    5 YA Books Set in the 1940s

    If you are fascinated, as I am, with stories about the World War II time period, here are 5 middle-grade/young-adult titles that are worth a read. These are not so much about the battles and politics of the war, but more about how the war affected children and families in Europe.

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    Survivalist Fiction

    With so many unprecedented things happening this past year I find my mind going down all kinds “what if” rabbit holes. Without a doubt recent months have brought many major changes to life as we know it. Oddly enough, the one that has affected me the most–or at least how I think–was the stupid panic-buying of toilet paper last spring.…

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    Stay-at-Home Camp-Out for Kids

    If you’re still in stay-at-home mode this summer here’s a fun camping “trip” you can plan for the kids in your own backyard. Spending the night outside is optional. Plan it for a clear evening just as it’s starting to get dark. Here’s what you’ll need: Gear Bed Roll for each person (e.g. kid’s sleeping bag, fleece throw, beach towel)…

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    Free E-books & Audiobooks for Kids

    There are lots of free resources available for kids right now, especially in regards to homeschooling and learning. I want to share a few I’m really impressed with but first I’m obliged to say that this post includes Amazon affiliate links which means I might earn from qualifying purchases.  First of all, do you know about stories.audible.com? It’s an Audible…

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    7th Grade Reading List from 1935

    As I’ve been gathering and archiving family documents I came across this list of books my great-aunt Bonnie read when she was in 7th grade in 1935-1936. Aunt Bonnie was Grandmother’s younger sister. This would have been the school year following Grandmother’s high school graduation. I recognize a number of the titles as books I’ve read–some of them when I…

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    Fantasy Adventure Book Series

    I love it when friends ask me for book recommendations for their kids! My latest request comes from a local friend whose children are ages 8, 10, and 12. When I asked her what their interests were she said, “They’ve all recently read the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. They’re into reading a lot of the same stuff right…