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    MawMaw’s Bible

    The fourth family Bible in my collection belonged to my paternal grandmother, Annie Matil Jarrell Ezell. She lived from 1919 to 2009. We called her MawMaw.

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    Girls’ Softball 1935

    My Grandmother graduated from high school in the middle of the Great Depression. She and Granddaddy both attended the same small country school in southwest Oklahoma, though he graduated two years before she did. During her teen years she kept a scrapbook and a diary, both of which I am privileged to have. She had given me her scrapbook several…

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    Home Remedies I Remember

    When I was growing up we didn’t go to the doctor much. We didn’t have health insurance, nor much money, so my parents and grandparents usually tried to treat minor illnesses and injuries with home remedies first. Sometimes they worked. Sometimes they didn’t. My family was into healthy food and holistic treatments way before it was trendy. We ate lots…

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    The Shumaker Bible

    Heirloom Bibles: Part 2 The second family Bible I have inherited belonged to my great-grandparents, Ernest and Liffa Shumaker. It is even more tattered than the older Maberry Bible. The spine is split down the middle and the cover is literally disintegrating. Also, the first few pages are missing. However, much to my delight, this one does include Family Record…

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    The Maberry Bible

    Heirloom Bibles: Part 1 “You’ll be getting a package in the mail soon,” my mother told me last fall. “I will?” I asked. “What kind of package?” “Mama ‘Berry’s Bible,” she told me. “Seriously?!” I didn’t know Mama ‘Berry’s Bible was still in existence. Mama ‘Berry was my great-great-grandmother who lived from 1872-1949. I mentioned her last year when I…

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    7th Grade Reading List from 1935

    As I’ve been gathering and archiving family documents I came across this list of books my great-aunt Bonnie read when she was in 7th grade in 1935-1936. Aunt Bonnie was Grandmother’s younger sister. This would have been the school year following Grandmother’s high school graduation. I recognize a number of the titles as books I’ve read–some of them when I…

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    Oregon Trail Pioneers

    When I was a little girl I was obsessed with pioneer stories. I suspect this interest was first piqued with the Little House on the Prairie books. For awhile I read everything I could get my hands on about covered wagons and westward expansion.

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    Early Automobile Travel

    My "Granddaddy" Gordon Easley was born in 1915. He had a sharp memory and was a great storyteller. About 30 years ago I sat down with him and turned on a little tape recorder. With just the slightest prompts from me he would launch into his experiences of long ago. Over several sessions we managed to fill several cassettes. This…

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    When People Fly circa 1964

    In the fall of 1964 my parents were not yet married. Dad had been attending Bible college in Rock Island, Illinois. Mother was secretary at that Bible college. This is where they met. They were planning their wedding for March 1965. Mother's parents and her baby sister Rachel, who was 4 months old at the time, flew from Ft. Smith,…