Big Adventure: Day 7

Day 7: Friday, August 20

Location: Kalispell, Montana

Miles traveled: 0

Weather: Sunny and pleasant all day. Rain in the evening.

Little Free Libraries visited: 6. (Total for the trip: 8)

Friday was a work day for me, so I hung out in the trailer at the RV park. I work remotely but I do need reliable internet, so we had planned to stay in Kalispell for a couple days while I got caught up from being off the grid earlier in the week. Lyle ran errands and took care of some trailer maintenance.

In the evening we decided to have supper at Norm’s Soda Fountain in downtown Kalispell.

Definitely a fun vintage atmosphere.

I indulged in an old-fashioned huckleberry ice-cream soda.

Afterwards Lyle found a few Little Free Libraries for me in the historical part of town.

Several of the Little Libraries were designed to coordinate with their house (or building, as the case may be). Sadly, I didn’t find any books I was interested in, but it was fun to find the Little Libraries just the same.

And that was Day 7.

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  • Esther

    How fun to get to eat at the little soda fountain cafe! And the Little Libraries! What a neat thing for someone to have started! Safe and fun travels!

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