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    Ozark Folk Center

    A few weeks ago, in celebration of Rebecca's birthday, her dad and I took her to Ozark Folk Center State Park near Mountain View, Arkansas. Being about 3 hours away it was a day trip for us.

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    Route 66, Missouri: Part 1

    Exactly two years ago, we traversed the Illinois portion of historic Route 66 westbound from Chicago to St. Louis. We decided to cover the Kansas and Missouri sections this weekend, traveling eastbound.

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    Mammoth Spring and more

    Our latest adventure took us to Mammoth Spring State Park. Not only is it a very scenic state park, it is also special to Lyle and me because it was a place we liked to go back in our dating days...

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    Mountain Crest Academy

    A few weeks ago, we went for a backroads drive with some friends and discovered Mountain Crest Academy. We were hunting elderberries, but the ones we found were so tiny we decided we didn’t want to mess with them. Instead, we just enjoyed the lovely Ozark scenery and the fascinating stories our friends had to tell. It was the time…

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    Memorial Day Adventure

    For our Memorial Day adventure this year, we decided to visit several ancestral cemeteries. This is the first time I've lived near where any of my ancestors lived, so it was interesting to me to find where some of them are buried.

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    Little Rock Adventure

    Last Saturday, we took a day trip to the Territorial Fair at the Historic Arkansas Museum in downtown Little Rock. We also visited the nearby Old State House Museum. Our “tour guide” was our friend Janet who met up with us for the day’s adventures. She even dressed the part in an old-fashioned schoolmarm outfit. Neither Lyle nor I had…