Big Adventure: Day 6

Day 6: Thursday, August 19
  • Departure: Powell Campground near Lolo Pass, Idaho
  • Destination: Kalispell, Montana
  • Miles: 178
  • Weather: Sunny and pleasant

Thursday was a driving day, though we only drove about 3 hours. After a leisurely breakfast at the campground, we were on the road shortly after 11:00.

We followed our friends over Lolo Pass and for a number of miles before they turned off, and we went on.

The mountains were hazy off in the distance so we could tell there was still smoke lingering in the air…

…but for the most part it was a beautiful day for driving with gorgeous scenery all along the way.

We followed Highway 93 around Flathead Lake towards Kalispell.

We got to our RV Park just in time to cook supper and work on the blog for a bit.

Nothing very strenuous or exciting, but that was Day 6.

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