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    Cold Brew in a Mason Jar

    When I was growing up much of our food came out of Mason jars. I don't do much canning these days, but I've been whipping up a quart of cold brew coffee concentrate in a Mason jar about every other day this summer. It is SO easy and SO yummy and WAY cheaper than a coffee shop.

  • Heritage

    Home Remedies I Remember

    When I was growing up we didn’t go to the doctor much. We didn’t have health insurance, nor much money, so my parents and grandparents usually tried to treat minor illnesses and injuries with home remedies first. Sometimes they worked. Sometimes they didn’t. My family was into healthy food and holistic treatments way before it was trendy. We ate lots…

  • Heritage

    An Ozark Farm

    In the very early years of my life, before I can remember, my Granddaddy traded 10 head of cattle and $1000 for 12 acres of land. (That left him with 3 head of cattle, 2 horses, and probably $0.) This wonderful real estate bargain was on a dirt road 6 miles from the nearest highway. It was on a mountainside…

  • Literary Pursuits

    Preserving Camping Memories

    Our first camping trip of the season this year was on Mother’s Day weekend. We decided, kinda on the spur of the moment, to go to Yakima (about 3.5 hours away) and connect with our niece and her family who live over there. Yakima is in the high desert part of Washington State, known for its orchards and wineries, but…

  • Literary Pursuits

    The Shepherd of the Hills

    Last summer I scored a stack of somewhat battered vintage books at a thrift store. Do you remember the lovely copy of Tennyson? Here’s another treasure I found that same day. This 1907 copy of The Shepherd of the Hills still has the original dust jacket. It’s tattered and fragile, but it’s amazing to me that it has been loosely wrapped around…

  • Literary Pursuits

    Tennyson Tidbits

    You know how easy it is to go down bunny trails on the internet, following one link to another to another until you are way off track from where you originally started? Turns out, old books can have the same effect. I found several lovely vintage hardback books at a local thrift store last week. Granted, none of them were…