Big Adventure: Day 5

Day 5: Wednesday, August 17

Location: Powell Campground near Lolo Pass, Idaho

Miles Traveled: 0

Weather: Cool and rainy

Wildlife: chipmunks, ground squirrels, deer

Wednesday morning was cool and damp but the rain had stopped. We had breakfast burritos for brunch and then the guys went into town for propane. We girls stayed at the campground. We alternated walking around the loop and coloring at the picnic table until the guys got back. (My little friend, Ella, is 6… but to be honest, I was just hunting for an excuse to color!)

The highlight of the afternoon was watching this little guy. He came right to where we were sitting around. Ella declared his name was Buddy and he was Lyle’s best friend. In fact, she was quite certain Lyle should just reach out and grab him! (Lyle was equally certain he shouldn’t!)

We had tossed a few nuts out to see if Buddy would find them. He did.

After Buddy finally went about his business the moms and kids played games again at the table. (Another one I’ll be reviewing soon: Clumsy Thief Junior.) Meanwhile, Lyle was exploring a bit and discovered a trail not too far from our campsite.

It wasn’t quite suppertime so we grabbed our walking sticks and set out for a little hike. We could have gone further but we decided to head back and fix supper, because we also wanted to visit the nearby DeVoto Memorial Cedar Grove after supper before it got dark.

This was another short hike, with fascinating trails on both sides of the highway.

Interpretive signs told us that some of these trees are as much as 2000 years old, so they wouldn’t have looked all that different when Lewis & Clark passed through here.

Back at the campground, we sat at the picnic table sipping hot beverages, watching the stars come out, and visiting.

What a lovely way to end Day 5.

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