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    Big Adventure: Day 4

    Tuesday was a quiet day at the campground. It was significantly cooler and overcast. We and our friends mostly sat around the table playing games, coloring, and drinking copious amounts of coffee and hot tea.

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    Big Adventure: Day 3

    After several days of smoky murkiness we were happy to awaken to bright sunshine on Monday morning. Lyle cooked breakfast while I worked for a little while, and then we got things buttoned up to head out to our next destination.

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    Big Adventure: Day 2

    Day 2: Sunday, August 15 Location: Winchester State Park, Winchester, Idaho Miles Traveled: 0 Weather: Hot and smoky Geocaches found: 2 Wildlife spotted: gaggles of Canadian geese After living in our trailer parked up against a building with no room for outdoor living all summer, we appreciated getting to sit outside to drink our morning coffee and have breakfast. After…

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    10 Things to Do Off-grid

    We enjoyed our first camping trip of the season this past weekend. We were only gone 2 nights but it was fun to go off-grid for a few hours. Lyle and I took our trailer north to Priest Lake, almost to the Canadian border. We had no electrical or water hook-ups and no cell signal or internet service.

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    Stay-at-Home Camp-Out for Kids

    If you’re still in stay-at-home mode this summer here’s a fun camping “trip” you can plan for the kids in your own backyard. Spending the night outside is optional. Plan it for a clear evening just as it’s starting to get dark. Here’s what you’ll need: Gear Bed Roll for each person (e.g. kid’s sleeping bag, fleece throw, beach towel)…