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    Road Trip circa 1952 – Part 2

    This is the second installment of my transcription of some cassette tapes I recorded in the early 1990s. This one is of my mother telling of a 26-day road trip her family took in 1952 when she was 10 years old.

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    Road Trip circa 1952 – Part 1

    Recently I came across a batch of cassette tapes that I had recorded in the early 1990s. There are several of my Granddaddy telling stories about his life. As I'm getting these priceless treasures digitized I thought it would be fun to share some of the stories here. One story Granddaddy told was of a 26-day road trip they took…

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    Of Bookshops and Long-Lost Cousins

    When I grow up I want to be a writer. More specifically, a novelist. I really do. I know I’ve been saying that for awhile but I’m still working on it. I haven’t always wanted to be a writer, though. When I was younger my big dream was to own a bookstore. I never had the capital for that, and…

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    Decoration Day

    My mother tells me that when she was a little girl on “Decoration Day” it was the tradition for families in their community to go to the local cemetery to freshen up the graves of their loved ones. I have always been fascinated by cemeteries, especially old ones. It is interesting to me to read the memorial stones and think…

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    Mother’s Day is Not About Me

    As a preacher’s kid, it seems like the focus of Mother’s Day when I was growing up had to do with the Sunday morning service. I don’t remember specifically doing anything for my own mother, though I’m sure we did. Rather, my memories are of Dad having all the mothers assemble at the front of the sanctuary to be presented…

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    An Ohio Story

    Day 10 of our virtual road trip takes us north from Kentucky to Ohio. We lived in Lima, Ohio during my high school years. One of my memories from those years is the time my 95-year-old great-grandmother visited us. Granny lived in Eldorado, Oklahoma. (She was the 1918 “Mama” in the story I told about Oklahoma.) Mother had invited her to come…

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    An Alabama Story

    The fifth day of our virtual road trip takes us east from Arkansas to Alabama. I know I’ve been through Alabama traveling from Arkansas to Louisiana, but I really have no specific memories related to Alabama. However, my dad’s dad was born in Alabama. For today’s stop on our virtual road trip, I decided to share a post I wrote last…

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    An Arkansas Story

    Day 4 of our virtual road trip takes us east from Oklahoma to Arkansas. We moved so many times over the years that no one place really seems like “home” to me unless it would be Grandmother and Granddaddy’s home place in the Ozarks. They lived there as early as I can remember, and when they finally sold it in their retirement…

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    An Oklahoma Story

    The third day of our virtual road trip takes us north from Texas to Oklahoma. Three of my great-grandparents were still alive during my growing-up years. They were all three on my mother’s side and they lived in Eldorado, Oklahoma–a tiny town in the arid southwestern part of the state where my mother grew up. We went to visit them several times…

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    A Texas Story

    The second day of our virtual road trip takes us west from Louisiana to Texas. The summer I was 8 Dad accepted a call to pastor a church in Lufkin, Texas. How exciting to be moving again. We lived in Arkansas at the time. We had never been to Texas before. It sounded so exotic. It would be really hot there,…