One Sentence a Day – September

A recap of September in one sentence a day… and a few pictures.

Thursday, September 1.

Lyle and I went to Home Depot to buy lumber for our trailer repairs.

Friday, September 2.

Went grocery shopping in the rain.


Saturday, September 3.

We worked on the floor in the trailer.


Sunday, September 4.

“Ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” #letterthepromises

Monday, September 5.

Our Labor Day project was to build the bed in the trailer.


Tuesday, September 6

It was a damp, chilly pre-fall day.

Wednesday, September 7.

Lyle added doors to the trailer bed and fixed the dinette.

Thursday, September 8.

Little shopping trip to the Dollar Tree for fall decor.

Friday, September 9.

Made the rounds of the thrift stores in Post Falls looking for cushions or fabric I could use in the trailer.

Saturday, September 10.

Lyle had to work for a few hours this morning so I hung out at the print shop with him.

Sunday, September 11.

“Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you.” #letterthepromises


Monday, September 12.

The girls wore their matching Broncos hoodies that Laura got on clearance when she worked at Dillards last winter.

Tuesday, September 13.

Lyle worked on the trailer water tank all evening.

Wednesday, September 14.

I made jambalaya for supper.

Thursday, September 15.

Attended the monthly Chamber of Commerce luncheon.


Friday, September 16.

Took the trailer out to Farragut State Park for the first camping trip with our “new” vintage trailer.

Saturday, September 17.

Rained most of the day, so I spent lovely quiet hours curled up inside the trailer with books on my Kindle.

Sunday, September 18.

Had a campfire breakfast before heading home from camping.

Monday, September 19.

Happy birthday, Mother!

Tuesday, September 20.

Went out to dinner at Golden Corral with our friends, Craig and Glenda.


Wednesday, September 21.

Started working on my Write 31 Days project for October.

Thursday, September 22.

Laura made candy apples for the first day of fall.

Friday, September 23.

Lunch date with my man at A&W/KFC.

Saturday, September 24.

Lyle was working on the trailer water heater and we ended up going to a junkyard for parts.

Sunday, September 25.

For the Lord will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being caught.” #letterthepromises

Monday, September 26.

I got groceries at Costco while Lyle helped Laura buy a new phone.

Tuesday, September 27.

Happy birthday, Rebecca!

Wednesday, September 28.

My only customer today was a neighbor beagle named Buster who happened to wander in the open shop door.


Thursday, September 29.

Went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting to help plan December D’lights which is Rathdrum’s Christmas festival.

Friday, September 30.

Getting read to launch my “Stories of 31 States Virtual Roadtrip” series tomorrow.

Also: I’m featured on The Blended Blog today. Check out my interview!


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