First Day of Fall

To be honest, the weather around here has felt like fall for several weeks now. It’s definitely been cooler. Crisp mornings. A few rainy days. Even some of the trees in our neighborhood have started changing colors.


But I have this thing about not rushing the seasons, so I don’t usually get out my fall decor until the official first day of fall.


I changed my display window in the print shop. There’s really not a good angle to take a picture of it because the shelf is so close to the window.

I tried taking a picture from the outside but the reflection on the window doesn’t work out very good.

The lady customers often comment on the decor when they come in. I don’t think the men notice. But I’m enjoying the owls and pumpkins and leaves. fall04

My porch is looking more like fall, too. I added mums and violas over Labor Day weekend, because they like the cooler weather so I know they’ll stick around later than the petunias and geraniums. (However, I’m planning to bring the geraniums in for the winter– if I don’t get caught off guard with an unexpected frost that gets them.) I also brought out the Spice of Life afghan I crocheted last fall.


I “celebrated” the first day of fall this morning with pumpkin-spice-flavored coffee in my pumpkin mug… and I used fall colors for my #letterthepromises verse. It’s the little things, you know!


The sunflowers are beginning to look tired, but I’m still enjoying them. I suppose a frost will get them, too, before long.

(I wonder if that ol’ Dodge truck has a name? That’s where he lives. I’ve never seen him not be there. I think he needs a name.)

Does it feel like fall in your neck of the woods? I’d like to know!


  • Rowen

    Since we moved here to Taylor Mill, KY this week, we have had 90s and it is supposed to stay warm through the weekend. Hoping for cooler soon! But it is still beautifully green here with just a few trees I have noticed starting to turn colors. We are looking forward to the colors of trees in the eastern time zone!! ~Janet

  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    What a pretty display! Are those things from your house? Or did you shop for the store? I think the truck looks like a Floyd! Did you ever name the camper?

    • Karla Ezell Cook

      I use my own things for the display window. With our “house” being smaller than what we’ve had recently, I have extra stuff I can use. Almost everything I decorate with has a story.

      I’m so glad you figured out the ol’ Dodge truck’s name. The instant I read Floyd I knew that was it!

      We’re thinking of Myrtle for the trailer. But it seems like she needs a middle name, too. Ha.

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