First Camping Trip

We made plans to go camping at the nearby state park this past weekend. Every evening last week was taken up with finishing a few things on our “new” vintage trailer before Lyle felt comfortable taking her out.

The major project was the water tank. It wanted to leak every time we filled it past a certain point. Lyle had to disassemble the dinette to access the water tank to try to fix it. After much trial and error, he finally determined that the fill connection had been installed backwards, which is why it wouldn’t seal. Which probably explains the saggy condition of the sub-floor. Ugh. In order to fix it properly, he would have to take out the entire dinette seat that is built around the water tank to get the water tank out. I’m not sure if he’s decided whether to eventually do that or not, but for now we just won’t fill the tank past that certain point.

I had ordered a folding mattress for the bed and that came in last Thursday. We had determined that a full size mattress was what we needed to best fit the space, though we usually sleep on a queen size mattress  since both of us are tall.trailer-bed

Folded up, the mattress perfectly fit one side of the u-shaped couch. Stacked like that, it’s really too tall to sit on comfortably but it serves as a shelf quite nicely. Unfolded, it fits the bed space just right, with room enough at the foot for one of the couch cushions to extend the length for us.

As you can see, we haven’t got the painting done or new curtains and upholstery, but those things can wait.


We headed out Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful day to be outside.


While Lyle and the girls set up the campsite, I staged the inside of the trailer. camper5

I think it’s looking quite cozy. I can’t wait to get the interior decorating finished.


The bed was very comfortable for camping.

It rained Saturday, so I spent most of the day curled up on the couch reading.


We had campfire meals for breakfast and supper.


It was definitely a relaxing weekend. We can’t wait to go again. The state park campground is open for a few more weeks so maybe we’ll get a chance to go another time or two yet this fall.


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