Review: Apple Twist

Apple Twist is one of my latest games from the Smart Games line-up at Timberdoodle. I enjoy messing around with it on my own, but it was even more fun to introduce it to my young friend, Ella, a few weeks ago while we were camping.

Apple Twist Smart Games

Apple Twist

Like other Smart Games, Apple Twist is a single-player puzzle game. This one focuses on spatial insight, logic, problem solving, planning, and visual perception. It is recommended for ages 5 to adult.

Apple Twist Smart Games

What’s Included

Apple Twist includes an adjustable game board in the shape of an apple with 5 segments that can be twisted around to rearrange the divots according to the challenges in the book. There are 3 adorable caterpillars of varying lengths. Plus the challenge booklet with 60 challenges at progressively harder levels of difficulty.

How to Play

Apple Twist is so self-explanatory that when I handed it to 6-year-old Ella she had it out of the box, set up, and the first challenge solved before I had the chance to say, “Here’s how you do it.”

The one thing she wasn’t aware of at first, since the board was already positioned for the first challenge when she took it out of the box, is that you need to match the board segments with the challenge rules. Challenge 1 lists 1, 2, C, 4, E along the side of the apple diagram. (All the challenges at the Starter level have the same board setting.) The board is marked with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on one side, and A, B, C, D, E on the other side. If the segments aren’t lined up properly you simply twist them around until they are.

The first few challenges show where one caterpillar fits, and then where the heads are for the other two. The goal is to bend the caterpillars to fit on the board. Not every divot has to be filled, but every segment of all the caterpillars has to be in a divot.

More advanced challenges only show where the heads go, and as the difficulty progresses the challenges stop providing the colors of the heads. Later challenges only show two of the heads, then down to just one head, and for the final levels of the Master level all that is provided is the setting for the board.

My Thoughts

Apple Twist is perfect for homeschoolers to pull out when your student needs a break from reading or pencil-and-paper work. Or, like we used it, as a fun way to help keep those cognitive skills sharp in the middle of summer activities. It makes a great travel game since there are just a few pieces. Not only that, it has great appeal for a wide range of ages all the way through adults. It’s easy to pick up for a quick single challenge, or you can spend hours working your way through the book.

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