Game Review: Zig Zag Puzzler

Next up in my series of off-screen entertainment gift ideas for the whole family is Zig Zag Puzzler by Smart Games. As usual, I need to mention that Timberdoodle sent it to me in exchange for my review.

Like other Smart Games, Zig Zag Puzzler is a single-player thinking game. This one focuses on spatial insight, problem solving, and planning. I enjoy logic puzzles the best, so this one really stretches my thinking.

Zig Zag Puzzles

It is recommended for ages 12 and up for good reason. The first challenge shows you where to put each piece, but simply turning them to fit was challenge enough. By the time I got to the last piece, it was super obvious where and how it fit.

Later challenges just had a few pieces shown and it was up to me to figure out where the other pieces went, as well as how.

Pyramid Puzzles

As if that weren’t challenging enough, the game is reversible. You can turn the game board over to the blue side and build pyramids. That is, if you can figure out how the pieces all fit.

What’s Included

Zig Zag Puzzler comes with two challenge booklets: zig zag puzzles for the white side, and pyramid puzzles for the blue side. It includes a clear plastic lid. You’ll need to complete one of the zig zag puzzles to fit the pieces in, and then the two little booklets will also fit.

This would make a great gift for teens or adults who enjoy mental challenges. The game itself is small enough to be a stocking stuffer, though the box it’s initially packaged in is a little larger than that.

Stay tuned for one more game review coming tomorrow… this one for the whole family!

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