Game Review: Cat & Mouse

Today I want to tell you about another single-player Smart Game. Apparently, this is one of the first Smart Games invented over 20 years ago and is still a popular favorite at Timberdoodle. In fact, it is available exclusively at Timberdoodle at this time.

Cat & Mouse: GoGetter

Like other Smart Games, Cat & Mouse is a single-player puzzle game. This one focuses on spatial insight, problem solving, planning, logic, and concentration. It is recommended for ages 6 to adult.

The goal is to build a maze connecting (or not connecting) different elements with 48 challenges at 4 different difficulty levels.

What’s Included

Cat & Mouse includes a game board with a built in storage compartment underneath. Simply slide the game board over to access the 9 maze tiles and challenge booklet.

This makes it ideal for travel, but I did find that it didn’t work all that great as a lap game because I liked to spread the tiles out on the side to consider placement. So while it could work in the car on road trips, it would probably be better enjoyed on a table or the floor.

How To Play

The one main rule is that there can be no dead ends on the maze. All the roads must lead off the board.

The challenge booklet establishes different rules for each challenge. For example, the first puzzle (Starter #1) shows that the cat must get to the gray mouse. That’s it. Doesn’t matter where the other roads lead as long as they all lead off the board.

Further along in the book (Puzzle #13 on the Junior level) shows that the cat must NOT be able to get to the gray mouse, but that the gray mouse needs to get to the trash can.

Unlike some Smart Games there are often multiple ways to solve each challenge. The book includes up to 4 possible solutions for each one.

My Thoughts

The concept is simple, but I found Cat & Mouse to be an enjoyable brain teaser. At first I thought it primarily involved spatial reasoning, but as I went along I began to pick up on the logic which made the challenges more fun. As I’ve mentioned before, I love logic puzzles. However, spatial insight is harder for me. A game like this is perfect to help hone a skill I’m weaker in while still including aspects I enjoy.

Cat & Mouse is a great way to help develop thinking skills in young learners as well as keeping those skills sharp in older adults. Nothing babyish about this one.

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