Game Review: Bunny Peek-a-Boo

Next up in my series of off-screen entertainment gift ideas for the whole family is Bunny Peek-a-Boo by Smart Games. As usual, I have to mention that Timberdoodle sent it to me in exchange for my review.

What’s Included

If you are looking for a quality toy with educational value for the toddler in your life, Bunny Peek-a-Boo fits the bill.

First of all, I love the simplicity of it. There are only 4 chunky pieces along with a deck of challenge cards.

  • There’s a simple bunny, just perfect for little hands.
  • A blue cube, open at the top and bottom, with circle cutouts on 2 sides, and star cutouts on 2 sides.
  • A yellow block with a circle cut out of the middle.
  • A red block with an arch cut out of it.

How to Play

The challenge is for your little one to arrange the blocks to match the challenge cards. You’ll talk about concepts like beside, behind, above, inside, outside, upside down.

This is the first challenge card. Pretty simple, eh? Well, you would think so! I’ll just go ahead and admit that while I was setting it up to take a picture I noticed that I had the bunny on the right side of the block instead of the left. Oops!

Attention to detail definitely comes into play.

Four Levels

There are four levels of difficulty. The challenge cards are color coded to indicate which level you’re on.

This set-up shows the first challenge on the Expert (third) level. Notice how we had to turn the cube so the bunny could sit on a star side. Otherwise it would have been completely open and he’d have fallen through.

Rebecca enjoyed going through each of the challenges for me one afternoon. She said it was definitely trickier than she expected it to be for a preschool toy.

The last challenge (Master level, challenge #60) even had me stumped for a minute.

Here’s how I had it arranged, but it wasn’t quite right. You see how the yellow piece is not showing through the star enough? And the red piece is showing through too much? How can we fix that?

Fortunately, there’s a solution guide which shows the pieces in 3D rather than 2D, if you need a little help.

Can you see what I did wrong? I need to turn the blue cube so the sides are open and the bunny is sitting down in the circle cutout part.

My Thoughts

I love the quality of this set. The pieces are wooden, well-constructed, and nicely finished. The three block pieces are painted in primary colors and the sweet little bunny is a natural wood finish with minimally painted features. The manufacturer could have easily chosen to make this set out of plastic, but I’m glad they didn’t.

It’s definitely a set that can grow with your child. With a 2-year-old you’ll probably need to sit with him and talk through the challenges… introducing spatial concepts, colors, and shapes. A 2-year-old would also enjoy using the pieces for free-play, exploring how to stack them and arrange them, and integrating them with other toys.

An older child would enjoy taking the card deck and working through the challenges on his own, just as Rebecca did. And, as with all single-player Smart Games, it wouldn’t surprise me for two or more kids to enjoy working together to solve the challenges.

I’ll be sharing more Smart Games along with other great products from Timberdoodle all week long. Stay tuned!

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