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    I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities lately. Compared to many of today’s families our daily lives are really quite simple. We are not involved in very many on-going regularly-scheduled outside-the-home activities. Yet each morning there are things to be done, tasks to be accomplished. We have a never-ending to-do list, places to go, people to see. It can be…

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    Notes from Numbers

    I mentioned in my New Year’s post that I was taking up my Bible reading again in Leviticus where I got bogged down last year. I wanted to read the Bible straight through from Genesis to Revelation, but gave up and switched to the New Testament for several months. But for New Year’s I decided to try again. We’ll see…

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    Bible Reading

    Just out of curiosity, as we enter into Passover and Easter season… have you ever read the Bible? Just the odd chapter or Psalm? The whole thing? (Or, almost the whole thing? It’s some heavy reading, of course, and those “begats” get kind of tedious.) I have read the whole Bible. Portions of it many, many times… but I did…

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    Our pastor has a burden to see a real revival in our day… and I’m finally beginning to catch the vision. We have gone for so long without it, that I’m afraid I am (or was) almost to the point of not believing it could really happen again. Yesterday the pastor gave me some notes of a sermon he preached…

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    Literary Pursuits

    The Ancient One

    “…anyone would follow a god who is always good to him, who is always there. But the Ancient One wants men and women who will serve Him when they feel as dry as dust in their hearts, when they’ve cried out, yet the heavens are silent. Those who feel as alone as is possible for a human being to feel,…

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    And the Shofar Blew

    Definitely a page-turner! I have read most of Francine Rivers’ books and they are all so good. I could really relate to this one. Here’s a quote from the book I thought was especially good: “[The pastor] had softened his message. He no longer taught the foundational classes. His sermons brushed over the gospel and zeroed in on the good…

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    Year in Review 2004

    I don’t often take the time to do the quizzes that go around, but I do want to write my “year in review” today for my scrapbook, so I thought this might be a good place to start. I’ve seen this on several other sites… (It’s kinda long so I’m going to cut some of the questions I don’t have…

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    Literary Pursuits

    The Crown of Eden

    “…nothing we do can destroy the order and beauty of the master tapestry. Each of us is given a thread and a pattern for its weaving. We are utterly free to weave our thread either by the pattern or in defiance of it. But regardless of how we weave it, we will always find that our thread has been anticipated.…