The Wedding Prayer

The Wedding Prayer

The first Monday of the month is Marriage Monday at Chrysalis. Since June is the most popular month for weddings, the topic this month is Our Wedding Day… even for those of us who didn’t get married in June! The guidelines asked us to share anything we wanted about our wedding day, so I am choosing to share the lyrics of a song we had at our wedding. I am happy to say, 22-and-a-half years later, that God has honored our prayer!

The Wedding PrayerThe Wedding Prayer

Heavenly Father, hear us as we pray,
here at Thine altar on our wedding day.
Show us the path that thou would’st have us take
Help us to follow Thee and sin forsake.

In thy sight, O God, today
we’ve come to pledge our love in unity.
Bless the sacred vows we take
and keep us one through all eternity.

Give us strength in sorrow, want or pain,
always steadfast to remain.
And when clouds shall fill our skies of blue,
help our love to see us through.

Oh God, until we reach life’s ebbing tide
may we in perfect Love and Peace abide
and when life’s sun shall set beyond the hill,
may we go hand in hand together still.


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