The Wedding Prayer

The Wedding Prayer

The first Monday of the month is Marriage Monday at Chrysalis. Since June is the most popular month for weddings, the topic this month is Our Wedding Day… even for those of us who didn’t get married in June! The guidelines asked us to share anything we wanted about our wedding day, so I am choosing to share the lyrics of a song we had at our wedding. I am happy to say, 22-and-a-half years later, that God has honored our prayer!

The Wedding PrayerThe Wedding Prayer

Heavenly Father, hear us as we pray,
here at Thine altar on our wedding day.
Show us the path that thou would’st have us take
Help us to follow Thee and sin forsake.

In thy sight, O God, today
we’ve come to pledge our love in unity.
Bless the sacred vows we take
and keep us one through all eternity.

Give us strength in sorrow, want or pain,
always steadfast to remain.
And when clouds shall fill our skies of blue,
help our love to see us through.

Oh God, until we reach life’s ebbing tide
may we in perfect Love and Peace abide
and when life’s sun shall set beyond the hill,
may we go hand in hand together still.


Update: I’ve had a lot of requests for the music to this sing since I first posted it in 2008. Unfortunately, I do not have the music. However, you can order the sheet music on Amazon here (affiliate link).


  • Constance

    Thanks for sharing that prayer with us. I shared a song that we played at our wedding and when I heard it again after all of these years, it was STILL appropriate! I’m noticing a trend so far, most of us have at least 20 years of marriage to draw from as we are sharing!

    • Carol Seidle

      We were married in 1957, my brother sang this song at our wedding. My husband Don passed away On February,4,2022 and that song has been going through my mind a lot latelyit’s a beautiful song and the words are still true..

    • Anna

      Would you happen to have a copy of the music for this song? A friend of mine is getting married and wants me to sing it for her, and though I have looked everywhere her I cannot find even an example of an audio version of this song. I was thrilled to find the entire text on your website. She’s getting married soon, and I am desperate to find this music!

  • e-Mom

    Touching and so appropriate. What a beautiful prayer. Congratulations on 22 years!

    Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Karla.

    Blessings, e-Mom

  • Jerry Turner

    Me and my wife was married nov 20th 1979 and had this song sung as we knelt at an alter.
    I have not heard it sense then and have been trying to find it all these years.Would anyone know where We could find or download this song.
    Jerry turner

  • Avery J Thompson

    My husband and I sang this at our wedding 34 years ago and we remain committed to each other and to our God. Thank you for posting the link so we could be reminded.

    • Lillian Mitchell

      My husband sang that song 70 years ago as we knelt at the alter. He had just returned from a college quartette tour so was in great voice. It was Aug. 8th in a small packed no AC church. The sweat was pouring off his face. The tears from everyone else they said. I was going to have him sing that Sunday night at church. He still has a great voice but was afraid it might be too emotional at the end. So he’s going to sing “Down from His Glory” instead.

  • Fran Terry

    This song was sung at our wedding on June 12, 1970. I would love to find a copy of the sheet music so it could be played at our vow renewal next June.

  • Nan Smith Jackson

    I sang this prayer to my husband 49 yrs ago. God has blessed us abundantly! Thank you Father for 49 yrs. We pray to finish well and to be found faithful (to You) till you call us home!

  • Roger

    My Uncle sang this at our wedding in 1962. The first verse captures what it has meant to us as
    we approach our 60th anniversary in a few weeks. A friend will sing it for us at a small ceremony,
    if I can find the musical score for a baritone. Help??

    • Loren Beason

      Has anybody been lucky enough to find the sheet music for this song? It was sent at my wedding 1997. I would love to have a copy of the sheet music!

  • Beth McKinzie

    I sang this song at our wedding almost 47 years ago. I’ve been searching for the sheet music. Any idea where I can get it?

  • Annette

    This is it !! As I notice from many comments couples used this wedding prayer MANY years ago and have treasured it. PTL. We were married in May 1959. Two weeks later I sang this prayer at a friend’s wedding. My husband died 10 years ago. I’ve been wondering if I would ever be able to locate that prayer. I, also, wish that I would know how to find a hard copy with music score. I hope that someone can answer that!!

  • New C

    Wedding Prayer (Fern Glasgow Dunlap)
    If you copy the line above this and do an internet search, you’ll find that the sheet music is still available (Amazon, Walmart, eBay).

    My husband and I sang this as a duet during our wedding as we knelt at the alter. Today would be our 48th wedding anniversary (he died two weeks before Christmas). This song has been playing in my head today and yesterday. I remembered all of the lyrics and tune, except for a couple of the lines so I searched online in hopes of finding it. Thanks for posting the lyrics. (There’s also a few YouTube videos that have this song in it.)
    Although I have been tearful today, I was able to sing this song a few minutes ago and felt the connection to my husband as I heard him singing the other part line of our duet.

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