Seasons of Life

Well, I hadn’t really planned to have a “seasonal” theme on my blog this week, but it seems that what it’s turning out to be. My husband printed out these two pictures this morning and asked if I wanted to blog about them. (No, he won’t start a blog himself, but every now and then he suggests things for me to blog about!)

We took this first picture of the Little North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River back in the spring, during the snow melt.Last week we returned to the same place on the river to take an end-of-summer picture.
Quite a dramatic difference!

It reminds me of the seasons of life. The exciting, enthusiastic energy of spring contrasted with the richer, calmer maturity of late summer. The rushing water in the springtime was so muddy, picking up all sorts of trash as it hurried along. By now the dirt has settled, and the still waters reflect the beauty around the river.


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