Last weekend on our hike I took along a tote bag with “necessities” in it, such as snacks, water bottles, and the camera. Lyle offered to carry it for me, but he teased me about having to carry a “purse.” I tried to argue that it was a tote bag, not a purse, and that there is a difference– but he didn’t see it that way. Bless his heart, he carried it anyway.

It occurs to me that “bearing one another’s burden” involves actually carrying a burden. I’m not sure why I never realized that before. Maybe I thought it was more an expression of concern, a willingness to help out if convenient, or caring enough to pray… but now I can see that it’s more than that.

Today I am shouldering several burdens that don’t belong to me. They directly affect me, but the true burdens in these situations belong to someone else. My prayer is that the portion I choose to take will somehow lessen the heavy loads that others are carrying, and that it can all be used ultimately for His glory.


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