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    How to Plan Your First Camping Trip

    It’s official. Our vintage camper has been retired. We ended getting a newer one a couple of weeks ago. We are excited. It will definitely make camping a little more comfortable as well as give us the option for traveling with it if we want. As we are getting it set up and loaded with our equipment I pulled out…

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    First Camping Trip of the Season

    It was not an auspicious beginning. For several weeks we (and by “we” I mean mostly Lyle) had been working on our vintage trailer. We de-winterized it and cleaned it. Lyle repaired the roof in a couple of places. And then he took on the project of replacing the wheels and tires. Finally, we decided it was ready to take…

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    Vintage Camping in the Fall

    We managed to get in one last camping trip in October before it was time to winterize the trailer. It has been such a rainy fall we wondered if we would be able to. And it did rain on us some, but not the whole weekend. But before I get to that, I wanted to show you a few more…

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    First Camping Trip

    We made plans to go camping at the nearby state park this past weekend. Every evening last week was taken up with finishing a few things on our “new” vintage trailer before Lyle felt comfortable taking her out. The major project was the water tank. It wanted to leak every time we filled it past a certain point. Lyle had…

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    Vintage Trailer Makeover Progress

    We’ve made a lot of progress on our vintage trailer makeover this past week. We still have a lot to do, so I don’t have a cutesy “reveal” photo yet, but I wanted to show you all the hard work Lyle has been doing. Our first project was to fix the floor. You can’t tell from the picture, but much…

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    Vintage Trailer Makeover Begins

    We still haven’t decided how extensively we are going to remodel the old trailer we bought last week. It really does need a lot of work, but we think it will be usable without a complete overhaul, so that’s our first objective–to get it to where we can at least use it for the basics. The first order of business…

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    Vintage Trailer Project

    I’ve thought for a long time that it would be fun to get a run-down vintage travel trailer and fix it up. I mean, have you seen some of the darling trailers on Pinterest? Lyle didn’t exactly share my vision. Don’t get me wrong. He loves having a trailer. He just wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the idea of a…

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    Tent Camping in the Rockies

    Lyle says he thinks it’s time to concede that we are too old for tent camping. All I’m willing to concede is that I miss our trailer! Even though we live close to the Rocky Mountains, this past weekend was only the second time we’ve gone camping since we moved to Colorado. So far we’re averaging once per summer. Turns…

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    Camping in the Fall

     Late summer and early fall seem to be when we get most of our weekend camping trips in. I love the weather this time of year. Sunny days with brilliant blue skies– warm in the sunshine, but jacket-weather in the shade– and crisp evenings once the sun goes down. Just perfect for enjoying a campfire.  My favorite part about the…

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    Late Summer Camping

    Setting up camp.  The highlight of the weekend:4-wheeling with friends. My view: Looking over the shoulder of my Driving Man. Deep woods creek.  Our camp site at night.