The View from My Porch

porch1The building we live in is not beautiful. It has a print shop on one side and our apartment on the other side. But it’s got the cutest little ramshackle front porch at the print shop entry that I have claimed as my own. It reminds me of an old-fashioned general store… a la Lum and Abner.00rathdrumI added a little bistro table and some pots of flowers. It is such a pleasant place to drink coffee and watch the trains go by.
porch2The view to the northwest is not all that scenic. I’m pretty sure that old pickup was sitting there when we lived here 10 years ago. However, Main Street and the railroad are that direction, so that’s where the action is… such as there might be.
porch3The view to the southeast is prettier, if a little boring. Something about the sun filtering through the trees and shrubbery onto the narrow street…
porch4And when it rains, it’s like music on the tin roof of the porch, with sparkling rivulets running off the edge.
porchcollageOur church family in Colorado knew about my plans for this little porch, so they presented us with a plaque listing the “Porch Rules.” I’m pretty sure we’ve done everything on the list already.

My plan is to contine to Enjoy Each Season.

Stop by and have coffee with me, won’t you?


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