Currently – June


planning: where to put everything and how to organize the apartment we just moved into

enjoying: the more laid-back life-style of small-town Idaho as opposed to the “big city” feel of Denver


buying: appliances… the apartment needed a fridge, stove, washer, and dryer. We were able to find a damaged model of a brand-new “fancy” refrigerator for a steal of a price, and used-but-nice models for the other appliances. It’s kinda fun because we’ve never had a “fancy” fridge before, and it makes the apartment feel all modern and up-to-date.

craving: berries… especially blackberries. And watermelon. And peaches. Yeah, summer fruit.

kitchenpinning: ideas for kitchen colors. I think I want to paint the dark cabinets. I’m leaning toward a sunflower yellow. There aren’t many windows in the apartment, so I’m trying to make everything as bright and light as possible, knowing how dark the winters can be around here. We’ve already painted the walls a very soft creamy yellow color.

I’ll show you more pictures of our new home soon as we get it more set up.

Linking up with Anne at In Residence and Jenna at  Gold & Bloom for the “Currently” meme.


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