One Sentence a Day – May


The “One Sentence a Day” meme is an idea I got from my friend, Sheila, at Making the Most of Every Day. She and several others had a link-up last month and will be doing another on June 2. I wanted to go ahead and post mine for May now, since it’s been several weeks since I blogged.

Sunday. May 1.
Rocky Mountain Interchurch Holiness Convention at our church with three services and two meals today.

Monday. May 2.
My moving to-do list is 5 pages long.

Tuesday. May 3.
Met my friend, Melissa, at Garbanzo’s for lunch on my day off.

Wednesday. May 4.
Uneventful last day in the Sonlight office.
rosesThursday. May 5.
My co-workers sent me a lovely farewell card and gorgeous coral roses.

Friday. May 6.
My very last day as a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor.

Saturday. May 7.
It was a rainy day for packing.


Sunday. May 8.
I love my mother… and being a mother.

Monday. May 9.
Time to get serious about the packing.

Tuesday. May 10.
I’m pretty sure we have entirely too much stuff.

Wednesday. May 11.
It was good to take a couple hours off for midweek Bible study.

160512Thursday. May 12.
I’m going to miss the Rocky Mountain sunsets and 300 days of sunshine per year.

Friday. May 13.
Lyle’s last day of work at Print Pointe.

Saturday. May 14.
We finished carrying everything out of the basement.

Sunday. May 15.
Our church family honored us with a potluck and a nice gift for our last Sunday at Wesleyan Bible Church.

Monday. May 16.
Making good progress on the packing.

Tuesday. May 17.
Lyle and I snuck off for a few hours of “vacation” in the city, riding the new light rail route out to DIA for lunch.

Wednesday. May 18.
Laura’s last day working in the Sonlight warehouse.


Thursday. May 19.
Started loading the big Penske truck at 6:00 a.m. and finished up about 8:00 p.m.

Friday. May 20.
The final cleaning of our rental house, then out to dinner with friends.

Saturday, May 21.
Our caravan of 3 vehicles traveled from Denver, Colorado to Sheridan, Wyoming.


Sunday. May 22.
Second travel day: from Sheridan, Wyoming to Missoula, Montana with a flat tire on the truck in Bozeman.

Monday. May 23.
Three more hours on to Rathdrum, Idaho in the morning, and then shopping for appliances in the afternoon.

Tuesday. May 24.
A day of painting the kitchen and the girls’ bedrooms.

Wednesday. May 25.
Six of us unloaded the Penske truck.

Thursday. May 26.
Got the kitchen and living room set up, and the bedrooms partly done.

Friday. May 27.
The lines at the DMV are very long on the Friday before a holiday weekend.

IMG_20160528_170155Saturday. May 28.
More unpacking, organizing, and putting away, but time for late afternoon coffee on the porch.

Sunday. May 29.
A day of rest and worship… and watching the Indy 500, of course.

Monday. May 30.
No holiday celebrations here, just more unpacking.

Tuesday. May 31.
I wonder if my blog readers have missed me?


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