Small Town Living

We’ve been back in north Idaho for just over 2 weeks now and I have to say small town living agrees with me. Interestingly, we have moved back into an apartment we lived in 10 years ago, and I am actually enjoying it more this time around. It was recently remodeled, which helps tremendously, but I think having just come from the more crowded life-style of a “big city” makes a difference, too.
rathdrum2Lyle asked me to walk down the street with him the other evening to get the mail. We live just off Main Street and our mailbox is in front of City Hall.
rathdrum1Main Street reminds me a little bit of Mayberry, from The Andy Griffith Show. I love the old-timey feel.rathdrum3Sadly, most of the buildings are vacant as the two highways that intersect Rathdrum bypass Main Street. The town is actually growing, but most of the businesses are out on the highways.rathdrum4The BNSF Railroad runs parallel to Main Street. More than 50 trains pass through here every day. That’s a train every half hour or so. I like to see them go by, but I’m not so fond of getting stuck at the railroad crossing when I’m trying to go somewhere. We joked that Denver has rush hour traffic, but Rathdrum has “after train” traffic from the cars that back up at the crossing as the train goes by.

When we lived here before those trains would blow their horns every time they went by. You get used to it after awhile, but it’s still loud. Some time in the past few years the town made some safety improvements to the main crossing so the trains don’t have to blow the horns for that intersection now. I like the trains better without all the horn blowing.
rathdrum5I love sitting out on the porch of an evening watching the light fade over Rathdrum Mountain, visiting quietly with my sweetheart.

This is my favorite time of year… and this year I’m enjoying being in the middle of a small town in the northwest.


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