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    Free E-books & Audiobooks for Kids

    There are lots of free resources available for kids right now, especially in regards to homeschooling and learning. I want to share a few I’m really impressed with but first I’m obliged to say that this post includes Amazon affiliate links which means I might earn from qualifying purchases.  First of all, do you know about stories.audible.com? It’s an Audible…

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    Review: TwoSticks Shadows Painting Kit

    My education has gaps. So does yours. Unless you know everything. Which you don’t. Unless you’re 11. If so, you probably think you know everything. But you still don’t. However, there are a few courses I missed out on during my years in school. World History for one. Geography for another. Never fear. I have long since filled in those…

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    Review: Storyteller’s Card Game

    I am so excited to once again have the opportunity to review several games and hands-on learning products from Timberdoodle. Over the years they have become my go-to source for creative ways to stretch our brains in my quest for an ongoing learning lifestyle. I have three reviews for you today to coincide with the release of Timberdoodle’s 2020-2021 Curriculum…

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    Independent Play in Your Own Backyard

    The kids are home–and must stay home–but the sun is shining and spring has arrived. It’s the perfect time to send them outside to play! If your kids aren’t used to free play in the backyard you may wonder how to engage them and keep them occupied and interested in staying out there. It’s easier than you might think! Your…

  • The True Homeschool Expert

    The True Homeschool Expert

    Often I speak with parents who find themselves second-guessing decisions they have made regarding their children's education. Obviously, most of us homeschool our children for a reason. Perhaps we feel called to homeschool, or maybe we just feel it is in the best interest of our children.

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    Review: Dot-to-Dot Philadelphia

    Since I live “out west” I haven’t had many opportunities to visit historical and cultural sites on the east coast. In fact, I’ve only ever been to Pennsylvania once. We spent one day in Philadelphia and visited Independence Square and other sites with significance to early American history. When I was offered the opportunity to review the We Are Connected…

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    How to Buy School Supplies for Your Homeschool

    It seems like summer is hardly half over before the Back-to-School sales start. When I was growing up we would get a shopping list of school supplies from our school. The list for each grade level was slightly different. In the early years we needed a tablet or two of lined manuscript paper… a few Number Two pencils (I’m not…

  • How to create a travel notebook

    How to Create a Travel Notebook

    Our plans this Memorial Day weekend include a much-too-short road-trip. Sort of a mini-vacation but with not enough time to do all the things we’d like to do. On trips like these, where we’ll be spending many hours in the car, I like to plan travel notebooks for the kids specific to the route we have planned. When my girls…

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    Review: String Art Kit

    One of Lyle’s hobbies when he was a teen was string art. This was, of course, back in the late ’70s/early ’80s. It’s not a craft that I ever did, but I can see that it would be interesting. Lyle made a number of pieces and brought several with him when we got married. More recently his mother gave me…

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    Review: Haba Palette of Pegs

    Apparently I’m old enough to be a grandma. Even though many friends my age have grandchildren that really hadn’t occurred to me until our little friend, Ella, age 2-and-a-half, started referring to me as Nonna this past weekend. (That’s what she calls her mommy’s mother.) We thought that was hilarious… and adorable. Does that make me an honorary grandma? Lyle…