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    Finding a Balance in Your Homeschool

    As many families are starting the school year and starting to get into a routine, the questions from homeschoolers change from “choosing” to “using.” Many of them are quick and easy, such as “Where can I find the maps?” or “When do we use this item?” Others are more complex, based on the individual family’s situation. One mom I talked to…

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    Our History Scrapbook

    When Rebecca was studying American history in middle school,ย we created an extensive American history scrapbook. We filled a large binder with blank 3-hole-drilled paper and then labeled each page with a year in the upper right corner. We inserted dividers between the centuries. I used a variety of resources for filling in our scrapbook including: Sonlight’s timeline figuresย (purchased) A Journey…

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    After Dark

    Summer is such a fun time for relaxed outdoor learning. Warm summer evenings are a great opportunity to learn about astronomy, especially since you don't have to worry about "school night" bedtimes.

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    Summer Learning

    As I’ve mentioned before, we cultivated a lifestyle of learning in our family. We were always eager to take a break from formal schooling for the summer, but the learning never stopped. Summer days were definitely more relaxed and the kids had plenty of free time for playing outside and pursuing their individual interests. I think that’s very important. I’ve…

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    Fun with Fred

    Life of Fred is a series of math books that Sonlight has recently begun to carry. I used several books in this series with Rebecca for her last couple of years of school. We thought they were great, so I wanted to share how we used them. First, you need to understand that Rebecca learns differently than the average student.…

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    Homeschool Convention Memories and Tips

    The first homeschool convention I ever went to was in 1997 in Wichita, Kansas. Laura was four years old and Rebecca was just beginning to toddle. I wasn’t seriously considering homeschooling at that time, but a friend of mine was and she invited me to go to the convention with her. We bought vendor hall passes and went one evening…

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    Scheduling Our Homeschool

    I have to admit I was a pretty laid-back homeschooler. We didn’t have a set schedule that we followed every day. Instead, I tried to cultivate good habits with lots of flexibility. Early on I discovered that it was best for me to get up early, before the children did, to have a chance for some quiet time and to…

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    Enjoying the Journey

    ย  It’s a family road-trip. The car is loaded and stocked. The kids are buckled in. And so… you start off. You’re barely on the highway when the first kid asks: “Are we there yet?” Patiently you explain how much further there is to go. It doesn’t make much difference because a few minutes later: “Are we there yet?” And…

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    Our Homeschooling Decision

    Okay, I’ll confess… before I had children I honestly thought I would never homeschool. After all, I had survived public school just fine, and as long as I was involved in my children’s education I was sure everything would be just fine. The year my oldest child turned 4, a friend who also only had preschoolers invited me to attend…