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Review: U.S. History Detective, Book 2

Today I’m reviewing U.S. History Detective, Book Two, a United States history course appropriate for grades 8-12+ published by The Critical Thinking Co.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy from Timberdoodle.

U.S. History Detective

U.S. History Detective, Book 2 obviously continues where Book 1 leaves off, covering from the late 1800s to the 20th century. (Read my review of Book 1 here.)

This book has the same format as Book 1, with a few pages of text followed by a few pages of worksheets. The short related “Fun Fact Features” mixed in throughout both books are usually fascinating, but not always “fun.”

I was especially interested in reading about the Great Depression recently. So many parallels to what is currently going on with our economy. I wonder if we are able to learn from mistakes that were made 80-100 years ago so we can do better this time.

In addition to the critical thinking exercises included in these two books is the inclusion of political cartoons from various eras. I’ve always had a hard time understanding such drawings, so this is a good way to learn how to analyze what’s going on in the cartoon and the point the artist is trying to make.

U.S. History Detective, Book 2 doesn’t go quite up to the present, having been published in 2016. It goes up through the Obama administration. I appreciate how it attempts to cover relatively current events (as well as historical events) with a balanced perspective that you don’t always find in many history books. There are 9 sections with a total of 56 short lessons.

My Thoughts

Timberdoodle offers U.S. History Detective Book 2 as part of their Nonreligious 9th Grade Curriculum Kit. I would recommend it for 8th grade and up, along with a generous selection of historical novels and biographies for a full Modern American History course.

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