Trip Wrap-up

Miles traveled: 5,390
Average fuel mileage: 36.15
States driven through: 16
Spent the night in:

  • car (2 nights)
  • Montrose, Colorado
  • Tucumcari, New Mexico
  • my parents’ house near Mulberry, Arkansas
  • my mother-in-law’s house in Rolla, Missouri
  • Paducah, Kentucky
  • Nashville, Tennessee (2 nights)
  • Belle Fourche, South Dakota
  • I still love to travel with that man of mine. We’d stay on the road full-time if we could, I think.
  • I’d really love to make a “Route 66” road trip some year, following the old highway as much as possible all the way from Chicago to California. Getting off the interstate was so interesting to me.
  • Simple, elastic wrist bands designed to help with motion sickness actually seem to work. I’ve worn them several times now as we’ve driven over winding mountain roads and haven’t experienced motion sickness while wearing them. (And I’m usually susceptible to it.)
  • Smaller, cheaper hotels are often more comfortable and friendly than the bigger, expensive ones.
  • I feel sorry for the people who are taken with the over-the-top, lavish decor of the “world class” hotel where the convention was held. The indoor, faux river and waterfalls, while impressive, don’t begin to hold a candle to the beauty of the western wilderness.
  • It seemed weird for southern accents to be the norm rather than the exception at the convention. I could hear mine getting more pronounced as the weekend wore on. 
  • The air in the South is soft and heavy. In the Northwest it’s light and crisp.
  • It’s nice to visit the South, but even nicer to live in the Northwest.

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