Along the Way

I used both my camera and my phone for taking pictures on our trip. As I was transferring the files from my camera to my computer this morning, it occurred to me that most of the pictures that I shared along the way were from my phone. And I had so many more interesting ones on my camera! 
Rocky Mountains coming into view
along Highway 550 in Colorado.
Overlooking the town of Ouray, Colorado
which was tucked up in this canyon.
We figured this section of the highway
had probably only been open a couple of weeks.
Traveling through New Mexico.
Historic Route 66.
Who’d’ve thought I would run into Anne Shirley
clear down in New Mexico?
The other buildings grouped around the
Modern Restrooms along Route 66.
We decided this might have been a gas station
once-upon-a-time with the little carport in front.
And this was apparently a motel
back in the day.
This place was a little fancier with a service garage
on one side and a motel behind.
This must have been a little diner,
don’t you suppose?
I was glad we had shipped most of my convention
supplies when we had to unload all our
luggage to get to the spare tire.
My parents’ home in Arkansas.
The church where we got married
in West Plains, Missouri.
It’s a pretty little church, isn’t it?
I’m glad it hasn’t changed in 27 years.
Lyle and his mother.

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