• Adventures

    A Wyoming Story

    Day 22 of our virtual road trip takes us north from Colorado to Wyoming. We have driven across Wyoming many times and spent the night as we passed through several times as well. The main things that are distinctive about Wyoming to me are the wind and the antelope. It seems like it is always windy as we drive across the Wyoming plains……

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    A North Dakota Story

    Day 19 of our virtual road trip takes us west from Minnesota to North Dakota. My first visit to North Dakota was in 2007 on the same road trip I mentioned yesterday. We were traveling with our trailer that year. We had crossed Montana and pulled into a rest area near Theodore Roosevelt National Park after dark the night before. We…

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    A Minnesota Story

    Day 18 of our virtual road trip takes us northeast from Nebraska to Minnesota. The first time I visited Minnesota was on our road trip vacation in 2007. My favorite stop of the day was in Walnut Grove, the setting of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s On the Banks of Plum Creek. I think that’s a total of four “Little House” locales I’ve…

  • Adventures

    Selway Falls Day Trip

    Lyle loves to come up with weekend adventures for us, and I’m more than happy to go along for the ride. This past Saturday he picked a route out of his Backcountry Roads Idaho book that would take us down into central Idaho. Laura had the day off so the whole family got to go, and we made arrangements to meet…

  • Adventures

    Retired Geocache

    We discovered Geocaching back in 2001 when our kids were still pretty young. It’s such a fun family activity, especially in our area. Early on–in August 2002–we decided to place a cache of our own near our home in Kellogg, Idaho. After filling a coffee can with an assortment of trade items, we set off up the mountain to place…

  • Adventures

    National Forest Day Trip

    We don’t currently have a trailer, so we haven’t been doing much camping lately. Maybe we’ll be able to get one by next summer. However, the next best thing is a day trip to the mountains. One of our favorite weekend activities, if you hadn’t noticed, is to head out on a Sunday afternoon drive. This past weekend we chose…

  • Literary Pursuits

    Little Free Library

    Living in the city the past couple of years has definitely been an adventure. I will admit I don’t love it, but there are advantages. So much to see and do. Much I don’t care to see and do, but that’s beside the point. Side note: Did you know the population of the greater Denver area is approximately twice the…

  • Adventures

    Tent Camping in the Rockies

    Lyle says he thinks it’s time to concede that we are too old for tent camping. All I’m willing to concede is that I miss our trailer! Even though we live close to the Rocky Mountains, this past weekend was only the second time we’ve gone camping since we moved to Colorado. So far we’re averaging once per summer. Turns…

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    Route 66

    Trying to pretend the Interstate running parallel to our left is not there, and visualizing what it might have been like to travel across New Mexico 50 years ago. "Gettin' my kicks…"