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    Mount Rainier N.P.

    Since the weather was so beautiful this past weekend, we decided to travel through Mount Rainier National Park. For being such a prominent mountain it can sure mess with your mind...

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    Oklahoma Road Trip

    Last week we made another trip to Arkansas to take the last of our stuff. This time we didn't bring a trailer back with us, and with the 4th of July holiday we had an extra day to dawdle a little. For one part of the trip we chose to follow Highway 412 across northern Oklahoma. I was especially interested…

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    Silver Valley Tour, Part 4

    I had thought to divide the rest of the Silver Valley tour into two more parts, with one part being Kellogg and Wardner, and then the last part being Osburn and Wallace... but I've decided to just go ahead and share the rest of it in this one post.

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    Silver Valley Tour, Part 1

    I love taking the scenic route... getting off the main highway and slowing down through small towns... Earlier this summer Lyle and I took a long Sunday drive through the nearby Silver Valley across the panhandle of Idaho.

  • Heritage

    Oregon Trail Pioneers

    When I was a little girl I was obsessed with pioneer stories. I suspect this interest was first piqued with the Little House on the Prairie books. For awhile I read everything I could get my hands on about covered wagons and westward expansion.

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    The Promise of Spring

    It’s been a weird winter in our part of the country. December and January were relatively mild with not much snow and moderate temperatures. Instead we had winter all at once for the whole month of February with record-breaking snow fall and single digit/teen temperatures. It seems like the change to Daylight Saving Time last weekend may have flipped the…

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    Historical Driving Tour: Spirit Lake

    The next installment in our local historical driving tour takes us about 12 miles north of Rathdrum to another little town called Spirit Lake. This was actually the first tour Lyle and I did from the Roads Less Traveled book, so my pictures are from last fall. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church Another special old church badly in need of restoration.…