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    Route 66

    Trying to pretend the Interstate running parallel to our left is not there, and visualizing what it might have been like to travel across New Mexico 50 years ago. "Gettin' my kicks…"

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    Harvest Time

    For our second day-trip of the week, on Saturday we headed to the Green Bluff area to pick apples and enjoy other harvest-y type activities. It was a gorgeous day… which made it nice to be out-and-about… ….but then everybody else and his Uncle Joe thought so, too. All the farms were pretty crowded. We visited several farms in a…

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    Mountain Sunset

    Yesterday afternoon: And so… yesterday evening…  We found a spot along the road with a good view of the western sky…  The sun was beginning to go down…  Lyle gets tired of me taking his picture all the time… so let’s try a self-portrait of the two of us together… Um… yeah… let’s try that again….  This time I cut…

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    Falling Water

    Happy Independence Day! It’s 7:00a.m.-ish and the temperature is currently 44 degrees. My parents arrived for a visit yesterday. They live in Arkansas where it has been oh-so-much hotter and drier. This morning when we got up my dad told me that our air conditioner works good. Ha. The only air conditioner we have is a small window unit that’s not even…

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    Ozark Back Roads

     Tuesday afternoon’s route took us winding through the Ozarks from Arkansas into Missouri. It was a gorgeous afternoon, sunny and warm like we never see in Idaho in March. We opened the sun roof and enjoyed the fresh spring air and the rolling hills. (We can’t bring ourselves to actually call the Ozarks mountains.)  Wednesday morning was cooler and overcast,…

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    Sunday Afternoon Drive

     Daylight hours are short and sunny days are rare this time of year, so when this past Sunday turned out to be sunny Lyle invited me to go for a drive with him on some of the back roads around Coeur d’Alene Lake. We stopped to enjoy the view several times. The above picture was taken at 3:40 p.m. as…

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    Picking Huckleberries

    Down the forest path we went… …in search of the elusive but oh-so-desirable huckleberry. They don’t usually grow quite this profusely, so you can bet we picked like crazy when we did find the bushes loaded. Three hours of hand picking garnered about a half gallon of the luscious berries. Now I understand why they sell for $40 a gallon.…