Springtime on the Homestead

It’s officially spring in our neck of the woods. We’ve had a good bit of rain, but also a fair share of warm, sunny days.

daffodils blooming by large rock

The daffodils have been blooming for several weeks. They are nearly done now. I have enjoyed them so much. Such a bright pop of color growing along the winter-dull roadsides and in flower gardens.

So, how are we coming on our homestead goals? Here’s this month’s update:

Homestead Garden

poppy seed packets in flowerbed

Not much yet. It’s just a little early. We’ve planted a few seeds so far and if we squint real hard we can imagine we might see a few tiny sprouts. I expect more things to start popping up within the next couple of weeks and then we can get more serious about planting.

Homestead Chickens

Now, in the chicken department we have BIG news!

baby chicks in brooder

Rebecca successfully hatched 14 fluffy baby chicks out of her new incubator! They are a nice mix of yellow chicks, black chicks, and a couple of silver ones. It will be so interesting to see what they end up looking like when they are grown. She is hoping for mostly hens, but we’ll have to see.

Homestead Bees

Not much to report on our beekeeping efforts until the bees we’ve ordered come in mid-May.

beehives on the homestead

Lyle did get the new hive put together. We still need to get the old one cleaned up and then set them both up in a strategic location (currently under discussion).

Homestead Kitchen

sourdough bread

I’ve been making sourdough bread about twice a week. It is such a satisfying experience. Every loaf I make my family tells me is the “best yet”!

sourdough stromboli

This past weekend I made Sourdough Stromboli. That was a big hit as well, and not as hard as I thought it would be.

That’s it for this month’s report. Stay tuned for our next homestead update. Life is an adventure!

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