Simple Woman’s Daybook

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. I always love the way this particular meme causes me to slow down and reflect on the simple things of life. I see that the “thought prompts” have changed up a bit since the last time I did it. I like that. I’d love to read your “simple” reflections, too! Be sure to let me know if you post them. And pop over to the The Simple Woman’s Daybook blog to link up with the other participants!Outside my window… it’s a glorious October day. Cool and sunny.

I am thinking… about topics for upcoming blog posts.

I am thankful for… the hope of Heaven.

I am wearing… a full denim skirt and a long-sleeve cream t-shirt… with socks and fleece slippers!

I am remembering… Kay.

I am going… on a quick down-and-back road trip to Boise with Lyle and the kids later today. It’s 8 hours each way. We’ll drive down this afternoon, spend the night, make some deliveries in the morning and then drive home.

I am reading… Love is a Battlefield by Annalisa Daughtey.

I am hoping… to have the time to stop at the Oregon Trail museum in Baker City, Oregon on our way home from Boise tomorrow.

On my mind… decisions to be made.

From the learning rooms… we have been reading about Lewis & Clark and the westward expansion. The Oregon Trail museum will tie in well with that.

Noticing that… I function more efficiently when my surroundings are in order. That doesn’t mean they always are. In fact, they usually aren’t. But maybe I should work on that!

Pondering these words… “We’ll get to spend eternity together!” (What Kay’s daughter told me after the funeral on Friday. What comfort!)

From the kitchen… lotsa apple goodies lately! My daughter has been enjoying trying a variety of recipes including apple pie, apple sauce, and apple cookies.

Around the house… I want to find time to shampoo the carpets soon.

One of my favorite things… learning right along with my children.


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