Apple Picking Time

It seems like fall arrived in our area right in sync with the calendar this year. The temperatures have been cooler for the past couple of weeks, and fall is in the air!

As a fun fall activity we decided to visit the Green Bluff area northeast of Spokane yesterday. It’s only about an hour from where we live. The kids and I had been there a couple of times on a “pumpkin patch” field trip years ago when they were little, but we had never been there as a family. I think we’ve started a new fall family tradition!

We visited several farms… some of which had fun country stores to browse, but our favorite was the “u-pick” orchard we stopped at last.
It was a drizzly morning, but we didn’t let that stop us. We enjoyed tromping through the trees checking out the different varieties of fruit. The orchard owners had also planned a “letter boxing” game with 6 or 8 different boxes throughout the orchard for the kids to find and stamp a card. Hunting for the the letter boxes made it even more fun!This was a Red Delicious tree. The lady told us we could recognize the Delicious apples (both Red and Golden) by the star on the bottom. I love how dusky they look hanging on the tree.
I thought these weathered apple carts lined up against the old red barn were picturesque.
And here’s my gang heading in with their harvest.
We only picked enough to enjoy fresh for the next few weeks. I was disappointed to discover that we can actually buy apples at the grocery store cheaper than we can pick our own.
But just the experience was worth the drive over! The girls found all the letter boxes and got to choose a prize from the prize basket.

And Laura made a most delicious apple pie when we got home!


  • Emily

    What beautiful photos! I would love to find a place here to pick some apples! 🙂 I am so happy it's Fall. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend!

  • Aliene

    Sounds like fun! I'm sure the girls will come up with a good apple pie like Me-Maw used to make.
    The pics were beautiful. We need to get out and see something but are held in with the rain.
    Let us hear from you and Uncle Silas said to tell Partner that he is still waiting to hear from her.

  • Coloradolady

    Thanks for stopping by…I hope you like the soup recipe…we love it here, what a great idea to put it in the crock pot….I would have never thought of that…let me know how it turns out!

  • Constance

    I remember when we lived in Lincoln Nebraska we'd go apple picking in nearby Nebraska City. What a wonderful time we had all of those years ago! I have always wanted to have some apple trees so that like a garden, I could go out and pick something we had grown and serve it up right then and there!

    I loved the weathered apple carts picture next to the barn. In the early days of our marriage when Dave's passion for photography had just been kindled, it wasn't unusual for him to pull off the road and jump out to photograph old barns!


  • Denise

    A trip to the apple farm is "just the thing" for fall! The children and I always like to visit Iron's Fruit Farm in Lebanon in the fall – just gotta get their YUMMY aplle cider donuts! They're to die for! And of course, apple cider to drink. I'm with you on the apple prices -it's cheaper at Krogers and no worms or work!
    Thank you for your "welcome back" comment! You made my day!

  • Joy

    Yum, we went apple picking a few weeks ago and they didn't have
    Red Delicious in yet..sigh.
    We did get some baking apples and I made an apple pie though.

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