Roasted Cauliflower

This is a recipe I read about in a magazine a few weeks ago. (I wish I could remember what magazine it was. Does it sound familiar to you?) The article explained how roasting the cauliflower at a high temperature would bring out the natural sugars and caramelize them… and that even people who don’t ordinarily like cauliflower would eat it this way. I do like cauliflower, and the recipe sounded delicious. I was telling Mother about it, and she thought it sounded good, too. I promised to send her the recipe if I found it again. I think I must have tossed the magazine it was in, but I finally remembered to Google “roasted cauliflower” and found it online here. I don’t know if it’s the same person or not, but the recipe sounds the same from what I remember: olive oil, salt, pepper, high temperature. So I tried it! And it was delicious! I could have eaten the whole bowlful (one head) myself. But I didn’t. Here’s what it looked like:
I followed the recipe at The Inadvertent Gardener, so you can just click through to read the instructions. And, yes, I found it “eminently tasty”!


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