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What I Read In July

As is usual for me, my reading in July was a variety of genres. Not much nonfiction, I notice. However, I guess I should mention that I do read the Bible regularly.

Maybe I should start listing books of the Bible completed each month. Except I’m not currently reading straight through. I’ve been enjoying the Four Streams reading plan on You Version which takes you through the New Testament 4 times per year, the Old Testament once, Psalms twice, and Proverbs 3 times.

In regards to fiction, July was a mix of dystopian/apocalyptic interspersed with small-town feel-good stories.

My star ratings are according to GoodReads definitions:

  1. Did not like it
  2. It was ok
  3. Liked it
  4. Really liked it
  5. It was amazing

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission on your Amazon purchase. Also, most books I read and recommend are from a Christian worldview. I make no apology for that.

Review Books

Blue Man by John L. Moore

My Rating

Watch for my review post on September 15.

Mysteries of the Messiah by Rabbi Jason Sobel

My Rating

Check out my review here.


A Wife and a River by Sherri Schoeborn Murray

My Rating

This was a fun, small-town romance set in Oregon in 1960.

Forced Exodus by Christine Kersey

My Rating

Book 2 in the Pandemic series which I binge read one week. (I read Book 1 at the end of June and the other 3 at the beginning of July.)

No Safe Place by Christine Kersey

My Rating

Book 3 in the Pandemic series. This series was written before the current real-life “pandemic” and has very little in common with it.

Insurrection by Christine Kersey

My Rating

Book 4 in the Pandemic series.

Grant Us Mercy: Installments 1-5 by D.C. Little

My Rating

An apocalyptic/dystopian series about a family trying to survive on their own.

Megiddo by Mark Goodwin

My Rating

Book 3 in the Kingdom of Darkness series. End times fiction.

Stories That Bind Us by Susie Finkbeiner

My Rating

Set in the 1960s, this small-town family novel is heartwarming and inspiring. I highly recommend.

YA Fiction

Dare to Prevail by Christine Kersey

My Rating

Book 5 in the Parallel World series. This series is an interesting take on what the world might look like if the government tried to control what you could eat and how much you could weigh. Thought provoking.

The Viola Girl by Sherri Schoeborn Murray

My Rating

This is a sequel to The Piano Girl which I read in June. I recommend both of them if you enjoy fairy tales.

Marked by Bridget E. Baker

My Rating

A dystopian novel. Book 1 of the Sins of Our Ancestors series.

Displaced by Bridget E. Baker

My Rating

A fantasy novel by the same author as Marked. I enjoyed it more and have the next 2 in the Birthright series queued up on my TBR list.

Juvenile Fiction

365 Days to Alaska by Cathy Carr

My Rating

Middle-grade novel about a young girl struggling to deal with her parent’s divorce and having to move from a very rural life in Alaska to a city in Connecticut. Sensitive and well done.

One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

My Rating

Another middle grade novel, this one about a girl who is placed in foster care after an episode involving her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. Also sensitive and well done.

The Little Horse That Raced a Train by Wilma Pitchford Hays

My Rating

I picked up this cute vintage book at a thrift store. Beautiful pencil drawings and fun old-fashioned adventure story perfect for emerging readers.


The Mother Road by Jennifer Allee

My Rating

A road-trip story about two sisters who take Route 66 from California to Illinois to be with their aging parents.

The Case of the Measled Cowboy by John R. Erickson

My Rating

We’ve been on a little bit of a Hank the Cowdog kick on our recent road trips. What can I say? They make us laugh!

The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado by John R. Erickson

My Rating

Another silly Hank story.

This Is Your Time by Ruby Bridges


We watched the Ruby Bridges movie on Disney+ last week, and then I got this little audiobook at the library. It was neat to hear it read by Ruby herself.

Interesting side note: The cover is Norman Rockwell painting of Ruby.

What have you been reading recently? Any recommendations?

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