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As I read various blogs I like to bookmark posts that I may want to refer back to later. Here are a few that I found inspiring. Definitely worth a read if you have a few minutes!

On why family stories are so important…

Parents, Share With Your Children” @ No Pens, Pencils, Knives, or Scissors.

We have so many ways to communicate these days, but how often do we take time to just talk?

On simplifying…

52 Obtainable Ways to Simplify Your Life” @ The Life on Purpose Movement.

This list as a whole is overwhelming to me. However, I can see where a lot of these ideas would definitely help simplify my home and my schedule. Maybe I could work on one or two things at a time. I think the first one I want to try is to “institute a power hour” where you work on things you’ve been procrastinating for just one hour.

On diet and health…

Are you obsessed with healthy eating?” @ That Organic Mom.

Have you ever heard of an eating disorder called orthorexia? I hadn’t either. Very interesting read if you’re at all concerned about healthy eating.

On parenting teens…

How to Deal With Teens: Arrogance and Disrespect” @ Annie and Everything.

It’s hard to believe our “parenting teens” years are behind us. They went by so fast! But I see other parents still in the trenches and I found this article both helpful and encouraging.

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