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Rebecca has taken an interest in rabbits lately. She has seen pictures of pet rabbits on Instagram and has decided that would be the very thing to add to her backyard farm. Apparently, four fat hens are not enough.

The first step, of course, is to research rabbits. That requires a trip to the library.

And while I am not in favor of getting rabbits, I’m always in favor of getting books. So off to the library we went.

On our way in I spotted this darling sheet metal silhouette over in the flower bed. I love reading-theme art!

I started this post to share what I’ve been reading lately but I seem to be getting side-tracked. Before I get to my book lists, I think I’ll take the time to show you a couple of other reading-theme sculptures and features I’ve noticed before.

This sculpture of a mother with her children is outside one of the libraries I used to go to in the Denver area. I love how the mother has the children cuddled up close yet they are each engrossed in their own books… and how the brother is sharing his book with the little sister. So sweet!

This pretty little girl is perpetually reading her book on Main Street in El Dorado, Kansas. She didn’t live there years ago when we did. I’m not sure when she might have moved in, but I first saw her about 2 years ago when we were there for a visit.

I have several (much smaller) reading-theme figurines in my own little collection. Plus this:

I especially like the part about, “…grant that at times it may congruously be enlarged…” And anytime you would like to “resort hither officially or for the sake of study” just let me know!

Oh, dear. I keep thinking of other pieces I could show you, but I guess I better get to my book list for the month. Here’s what I’ve read since last time I reported in:

I’m finding it interesting to track my reading month by month. I notice I tend to have reading themes. When I heard of the new Caroline book (which is, obviously, Little House on the Prairie told from Ma’s perspective) I had to read that. Once I got started with it, I found myself pulling my copy of the original book off the shelf to read alongside it. The Lessons from the Prairie book just happened to be one I spotted at the library. It has more to do with the TV show rather than the books, so it didn’t really go along with my other reading. I just thought it was kinda funny that I happened to find it while I was reading the other ones.

What have you been reading lately?

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