My Calendar Plate

My mother always uses her “good china” for special occasions — Thanksgiving, Christmas, company dinners — and when I was a little girl, any time the table was set with Mother’s good china, I had the privilege of eating from this “special” plate. See? It’s a calendar of my birth year!
I have four siblings and none of them had a “special” plate. One time I asked Mother where my plate came from and why the others didn’t have one.

“Oh, it was in some stuff Grandmother had… and since you were the only grandchild born in 1965, she gave it to you.”

It wasn’t like Grandmother to buy such things for gifts for the grandchildren. She was much more practical than that, and besides her gifts were usually hand-made. I wonder if she received it as a gift for Christmas 1964 and when 1965 was over she “re-gifted” it to me? Or maybe it was in a box of stuff she got at an auction?

In any case, it was my “special” plate and so I got to eat off of it on special occasions. That’s why the design is beginning to wear off. It’s amazing to me that it has survived all these years without getting broken!

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