Last Day of Summer

We have enjoyed a beautiful September. Today was sunny and warm… a perfect day for a bike ride! There is a really nice “rails to trails” bike trail in our area that we like to ride on.
The problem we’ve had before is that dogs have to be leashed on the trail, and it’s hard to ride a bike and control a dog on a leash at the same time. We had talked about getting a bike trailer for Cookie to ride in, but we kinda hated to spend the money on something like that. We had been keeping an eye out at garage sales, and finally, earlier this week we saw one listed on Craig’s List for $3!!! Obviously, it’s old and worn, but it was still in working condition, so we were very happy to get it for that price.
Cookie, however, was not impressed. We did everything we could think of to make her comfortable, but she just did not enjoy the experience at all. She was sure she would much rather be allowed to run loose!
In spite of the dog’s “complaints” the rest of us enjoyed the bike ride.
The weather was perfect…
…the scenery was, as always, beautiful…
I enjoyed looking at the wildflowers along the way. I wondered what this pretty red berry is. I saw a few tiny purple blooms on a couple of the plants, but most have turned into these tomatoey-looking berries. They are about the size of blueberries. I couldn’t find the plant in my wildflower book.
When we turned around to head back to the truck, the dog settled down a little bit. We wondered if she just didn’t like the head-wind on the first part of the ride, or if she was finally getting used to the little trailer.
It kinda reminded me of how we are with God sometimes. He provides us with everything we need for our comfort and enjoyment… but we complain because we don’t get to do things “our way” instead of enjoying the ride!


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