Back in the woods…

Exploring the forests around here is so much fun! When we go hiking or Geocaching we never know what we might come across. You’d think it would be mostly trees with the occasional beautiful view or wildlife sighting. Well, yeah, of course there’s that… and that’s why we like to go. But every now and then we find things that indicate that someone has been there before us.

There was the tiny make-shift shelterthe falling-down log cabin… and the stand-alone fireplace

On one of our recent hikes we came across this seemingly random sign tied to a tree along the forest path…
“Bathroom Available.” What in the world? I don’t see a bathroom!

So we kept hiking. A short distance down the trail we spotted this structure…
Hmmm… that’s kinda different…

On closer inspection we realized that this was the “bathroom”!
No wonder there was a sign along the trail!

I’m just glad it wasn’t flipped to this side when we came across it…
…because we wouldn’t have had a clue, and would have kept going anyway!!

I’d never seen an “open air toilet” before. Have you?


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