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This week’s theme on the Gracious Hospitali-Tea Blog-a-thon is to share ideas and pictures that incorporate tea and/or tea themes into home decor.

Now, as you no doubt realize, my home is not all put together yet from our move… and my decorating is not complete. (But then, is it ever?) But here are a few pictures that go along with this week’s theme.

First, my violet tea “set” that I told about in January. I have it on the mantle of my “faux” fireplace in the living room. My mother added a piece while she was here. She found the little pitcher night-light/scent-warmer that fits right in, while we were out shopping. I put rose-scented oil in it for now, because that’s what I have… but I’d like to find violet-scented oil for it if I can. I also want to add some taper candles and greenery to this grouping, but for now it is simply the tea-set on a doily.
For some reason this Precious Moments figurine always makes me think of tea-time. The name of it is “You are Always There for Me”… and it portrays one little girl comforting another. Good friends, a listening ear, a hanky (if needed), and a cup of tea… isn’t that what tea-time is all about?
Last week I quoted from Anne of Green Gables for my Liter-a-Tea post. Well, I found the neatest book this week: The Anne of Green Gables Treasury. One chapter in the book was all about tea-time. It even gave a typical menu, listing four courses: sandwiches, biscuits and jam, cookies or fruitcake, and dessert. I’ll probably share some more of the ideas later, but I decided that my girls and I should start having tea every day! We usually eat lunch around noon, but often supper isn’t until 8:00 p.m. or later, so of course we get hungry in between and do a lot of snacking. More than we should, I’m sure. So I told the girls that we will start having tea at 4:00 p.m. and cut out all this between-meals snacking. They loved that idea, and I think it will be a fun memory for them, as well as a practical idea. I plan to add either fresh fruit or veggies as a substitute for the dessert course. I just don’t see the need for a cookies and fruitcake course, followed by a dessert course! LOL! And just as Marilla didn’t let Anne use the rosebud-spray tea set for her tea with Diana, we won’t be using the violet tea set for every day. Instead, we have this friendly little fat stoneware tea-pot that matches my Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne dishes.


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