My Missionary Vase

Isn’t this a pretty vase? Or is it rightly called an urn, since it has the arms on it? I’m not really sure… but it’s the perfect size for long-stemmed roses, so that’s what I use it for when my husband brings me a wrapped bouquet.

In 1996 I was awarded District Missionary President of the Year for the Kansas District of the Church of the Nazarene. I hadn’t even known there was a such an award, so I was completely blown away when they called my name. My pastor had nominated me. Apparently the award is usually something beautiful from one of the mission fields, and this brass vase comes from India.

What is unique about it is that when I first got it, it was all one color, the gold. Over the years the background part has darkened, while the etched part remained gold. I have often wondered why.

And that’s my Show & Tell for this Friday! Visit Kelli’s House to tour more Show & Tells.
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