April Adventures

What a crazy spring it’s been, huh? I wanted to resume recapping our monthly adventures but, of course, we haven’t been able to get out and do many of the things we enjoy in the past few weeks. We have, however, managed to modify and make adjustments, just as you have.

Lyle and I have a long-standing tradition of Saturday morning breakfast dates. When the restaurants all closed down we had to get creative. For the past few Saturdays we’ve gotten take-out breakfast and coffee, then driven out to a parking area along Coeur d’Alene Lake or other scenic overlook. We “self-quarantine” inside our car and have our breakfast with a view.

With the weather warming up, and such beautiful scenery to enjoy, I think I might even like this better than going to a sit-down restaurant.

We’ve also taken several Sunday drives. Since we live in the panhandle of Idaho it’s a little bit of a challenge to plan an afternoon drive without leaving the state.

The first Sunday in April we drove along the St. Joe River. There was a good bit of snow in some spots. In fact, we were finally turned back by uncleared snow across the road.

(If you wonder why we didn’t go right ahead and attempt to drive through the snow, um… yeah, we learned that lesson the hard way. In May 2009… and then again in May 2018.)

We were very grateful we didn’t come around a blind corner into a head-on collision with this freaky boulder.

Presumably, a snow avalanche pushed it off the mountain but we couldn’t really tell how or where.

On Easter Sunday we enjoyed a family day at home with online services, a special dinner, table games, and a Zoom session with my parents, sisters, and brother.

The kids got creative with chalk art in the driveway. Of course, the rain washed it away a day or two later, but it was cool while it lasted.

The following Sunday our drive took us up around Priest Lake. Lyle took the time to scout out some Little Free Libraries to add to our route. We found 6 that day.

Seems it was a little early in the season for this one. It was near someone’s vacation cabin and apparently they haven’t stocked it yet this spring. I left some books in it anyway.

One Saturday afternoon we had nothing better to do than sit on the porch sipping coffee and watching the rain. We do have a mountain view, but we also live just off Main Street and a very busy railroad track, so the scenery is not “unspoiled.” There is something relaxing about porch sittin’, just the same.

We are eager to get started on the camping season, but sadly the Forest Service campgrounds are closed until the end of June. The past two Sundays we’ve driven “up the river” to scout out undeveloped camping spots. We are hoping to take the camper out soon.

I am grateful that we have had work during this time… and we’ve stayed healthy. We’re counting our blessings and praying for better days ahead!

How have you been?


  • Teresa Locklear

    So beautiful!! I can’t imagine rolling around the corner and seeing that large boulder in the road.

  • maryanne

    We haven’t gone anywhere, unless you count the trip I made to my school to pick up supplies. All of our outdoor spaces have been completely closed, although they are starting to open up a few for people who live close enough to walk or bike. So I’ve focused on finding beautiful flowers in our neighborhood. I love your shelter in place “restaurant”.

  • Kristen

    So many beautiful pictures. We haven’t really gotten to go anywhere. I had plans to go to the shore before the lockdown started. Just a day trip. I love seeing all your different photos. We apparently have a few small libraries in our town – I may have to look for them soon.

  • biblemomma

    You live in such a beautiful area! I love how you upheld your breakfast tradition. I definitely need to be more intentional with getting out of the house more even if it’s just for a drive.

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