Anniversary Getaway

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, Lyle and I are enjoying  a few days away from our normal responsibilities. My mother kindly offered to come “keep the girls company” at home. We are staying at a lovely bed and breakfast out in the country on Bainbridge Island, just west of Seattle. We plan to ride the ferry into the city later in the week, but yesterday we enjoyed a much-needed day of rest and relaxation.

Our hostess has a special knack for creating a beautiful garden and grounds. It’s definitely fall in the northwest, so everything is damp and drippy. Actually, that’s probably pretty much the norm year ’round… but it’s warmer than it’s been at home. It’s very cozy to sit inside and watch the rain in the courtyard. And the weather is supposed to clear up tomorrow, I think. So we’ll probably get out and do more then.

Part of the hospitality committee includes the friendly old dog, Camille, who watched us through the French doors for awhile before curling up for a nap on the mat…

…and the resident horses, Skippy and Harley, who live just beyond the pasture gate (in the first picture). I didn’t get acquainted with them very closely yet, but I understand they are also quite friendly.


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