Fort Walla Walla field trip

Yesterday we drove down to visit the Fort Walla Walla museum. My “neighbor” blogger, Katey @ Crazy Homeschool Mama, posted about their visit to the museum a few days. It looked so interesting, and since Walla Walla is only about 3 hours away we thought it would be a fun day trip for the family before Lyle and I take off for our “second honeymoon” next week. We had a great time!

I really enjoy museums with exhibits set up to look like actual rooms or buildings, not just artifacts in a showcase behind glass. There was an actual little village to stroll through and peep in the windows, with several cabins and places of business.  I was especially impressed with how small the homes were, and how sparsely they were furnished. It’s hard to imagine living so simply, isn’t it? (We’ve been watching Hoarders recently, which has convicted me to get rid of a lot of clutter. These exhibits helped encourage that endeavor even further!)

After our visit to the museum we stopped to “play” at a dog park that was in the same neighborhood. Cookie had stayed in the car while we were in the museum, and we thought she would enjoy getting out to run. She (and we) had never been to a dog park before, and she didn’t quite know what to think. She was a little intimidated by some of the more rambunctious, over-friendly dogs. It was a lot of fun to watch!

Then we stopped for ice cream at Dairy Queen before heading home. We listened to the old time radio channel on XM as we drove. Fun times!

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