A Winter Walk

Last summer I took you on a photographic tour of my neighborhood. It looks completely different now. The ground hasn’t been clear of snow since about Thanksgiving. Most days are gray. I have to admit, it’s quite depressing. This past Saturday, when it was snowing yet again, I decided to go out and take some pictures. Later it occurred to me to compare them to the same shots I took last summer.
Progressive Printing, Rathdrum, Idaho

Here we are on Gray Street approaching the print shop

…and standing on the porch looking across Gray Street towards downtown. I don’t know what happened to the old Dodge truck. He was there all summer. But we now have a pile of snow higher than my head, courtesy of the snow plow.  There’s another one even higher back behind the shop. Laura and Cookie climbed up just to see if they could. It’s going to be a mess when that all melts.

Here’s the view of Gray Street looking towards the Old Jail. Isn’t it interesting how much the foliage changes the view?

The pile of snow down on the far end of the porch is what has slid off the roof. The weight of the snow sliding down actually broke the little ramp on the near end. We had to put an orange cone on it to caution people not to step there until the snow melts so we can fix the ramp.

I brought my bright red porch geraniums in last fall so I could enjoy them again next summer. They currently have no blooms, but are growing ginormous leaves in a desperate attempt to soak in more light. I kinda feel that way myself.

The sunny pictures from a few months ago are good reminders that spring will come again. I’ll be very excited to welcome the warmer sunny days by flinging the doors and windows wide open. I’m sure you can understand why.


  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    The snow really does transform the places! I cannot even imagine that amount of snow. What do you wear on your feet every day? Do you have to change shoes when you go in and out of buildings?

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