Vacation Plans

So… if you work twice as hard before you go, and twice as hard when you get back… does it really count as a vacation??

We will be leaving this coming Saturday for our trip to my family reunion in Missouri. I’m on the reunion planning committee so in addition to getting my family ready to go, I’ve been busy getting things organized and gathered up for the reunion. This is my mother’s family. We have reunions every other year for 3 days, and always have a good time.

We plan to take a slight detour through North Dakota and Minnesota, as those are the only “western” states we haven’t been in. We have one of those fill-in-the-blank maps on the side of our travel-trailer and there are big white blanks in the north central! Lotsa blanks in the eastern half the US, but we’re not gonna worry about those states this trip.

Planned sight-seeing includes the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites at De Smet, South Dakota and Walnut Grove, Minnesota. Other than that, we will just watch for places of interest to stop. My husband got a neat book called Watch It Made in the USA which lists factories that offer public tours, but I’m not sure if any of those are on our route or not.

I’ll try to post blog updates along the way if I can manage it. Otherwise, I’ll update when I get back.

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